Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whoopie (pies)! Election Day!

This school year I've been teaching an American Government class at the co-op to which we belong. For the past 8 weeks, we've focused on, what else? The Presidential Election. I've taught on the history of the electoral process, the reasons behind it, and the inherent faults that it has. (I'm not a teacher by design, just by heart.) By the grace of God, I have had a number of parents come up to me and tell me how excited their child was to watch the debates, or how their child wanted to talk about politics at the kitchen table. I have been humbled and encouraged by the kids and their willingness to learn something that was previously dry and boring to me. 

Today-November 6, 2012- is the day we've been waiting and watching for. Election Day. The kids filled out Voter Registration forms. They have studied candidate mailings to look for the hidden and sometimes obscure messages. They have been receptive to the idea that a scare-tacit isn't usually a recipe for truth or honesty. The class culminates in a mock vote complete with polling stations, stickers for voting, proof of identification, and cookies. 

In honor of the day, I made Whoopie Pies. As in, "Whoopie! Voting Day is here!" Or "Whoopie!! Voting Day is almost over with!!" Take your pick.

 Making Whoopie Pies is a process- no doubt about it. But they are oh, so worth, that process... just look at those delightful little nuggets of brownie/chocolate cake/cookies that are filled with a light and airy vanilla/powdered sugar goodness!!! 


Chocolatey blobs!

 Cooked chocolatey blobs!

Ahhhh.....delicious (don't forget the big glass of milk!)

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