Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a Pinterest Life

Pinterest ideas. Again. Only this time, I followed through! 


The idea is a binder/folder that has ALL your personal papers in it: birth certificates, social security cards, titles to vehicles or house, bank account numbers, 401(k) info, medical records, vaccination records for kids and animals :) ,  insurance information...anything else you would NOT want to lose. In our case, I added my beloved's DD-214 (separation papers from the Air Force). 

All nice and neat in a binder that you can grab and go in case of emergency. Or school registration (but we homeschool, so that is just a suggestion).

So here's what I did:
3 ring binder- not pretty (doesn't have to be)

Sheet protectors:

Add the goodies:


Took me all of about 15 minutes to put it together- once I FOUND all the paperwork. Hence the need to do this in the first place. But I digress.... I did discover that I am missing our son's birth certificate and my own. So I left the spots open to fill once I get them. Our son is hearing impaired so I put his ENT's and audiologist's records in there, too. Just in case.

 But how easy is this? Put a little bit of cash in the pocket of it and put it in a fire proof safe and when disaster strikes- it's a grab and go thing!

Now, no one likes to think of disasters striking, but let's face it: it could happen. Why is my family so special that we wouldn't be struck by calamity? It can happen to anyone. Best to be prepared. Doesn't mean I'm a pessimist- just means I'm ready. 

Pinterest to the rescue :)

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