Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring is right around the corner

It's almost time!


Time for what, you ask? Time for planting. Time for growing. Time for getting my hands dirty in the good clean dirt of my garden. Time to listen to the laughter that comes from sunshine and warmer weather. Time to listen to the birds as they lift their voices in song to our God.

Last year, I was overwhelmed with life and our garden felt the neglect. Oh boy, did it ever. I actually felt the same neglect as our garden did: out of control, no tending, and barely surviving.

This year, I am taking the necessary steps to release myself from the time-sucking activities that drained me last year. I am determined to not fall into the same patterns again. It simply isn't healthy. For me, my family, or our lifestyle.

My family needs the food we grow and preserve. We rely on it. It's part of my job as a homemaker to provide it. I just ordered my seeds for the year: beets, carrots, beans, squash, rutabagas, cabbage, cucumbers.  I can't wait to get out in the sun and feel the warmth on my skin.

Gardening is like life: what you sow, you shall reap. If you allow weeds and crud to take over, the goodness and good things of your garden will be overwhelmed and lost to the shadows. Not this year. Not this time.

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  1. Hi Emily! Love your analogy of a garden and our lives. Yes, what we sow we shall reap. It is a law of the Kingdom that will last as long as the earth remains! Dropping by from the Womanhood With Purpose Contributors FB group. Btw...glad you "revived" your blog...welcome back! Have a wonderful evening!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls


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