Friday, June 20, 2014

No more. No less.

I felt challenged by a message from our pastor at New Life Church of Christ in Bellville, Ohio, a few weeks ago. His message was about Matthew 14:15-21 and the way that Jesus had compassion on those around Him.

Oddly enough, as happens often with my own Bible reading, the Holy Spirit gave me a totally different message through Matthew 14:15-21 than what our pastor talked about.

Oh, I could see where the pastor was coming from and I agreed with his message about compassion. But there was a different angle or side to the story that caught my attention.Maybe it's because I struggle with honoring God with the resources He's given me. Maybe it's because I wonder how He could use little ol' me in this big, gigantic, sprawling plan of His.

Maybe it's because it's He needed for me to hear something special from Him.

So I took note of it and wrote about it and am sharing it with all of you because I feel that it will be a blessing to someone here today.

Check out Womanhood with Purpose for my take on Matthew 14:15-21




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